Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Good evening doston! I had a fun day. Could not do real work at work today, as I was waiting on many people to respond to my questions without which I could not proceed. So, socialised a little, researched a little, cleaned up my inbox a little (phew!). Tough day correct? he he. Cooked an elaborate dinner tonight. Took me 2 hrs. What? Since when? On a weekday? Well, I am a superwoman after all. LOL! As you can see, I am in a teasing mood today...Kaash, I could pull someone's leg... Kaash....

Kaash! (I Wish!) Most of us say this word almost everyday in different situations. We wish for things we don't have. A powerful word that allows us to slip into a dreamland that is full of happy things that we picture ourselves to be surrounded by ALL the time. Guess what? It's free! So, in my opinion say the word as many times as you want. It makes us happy. So what if it temporary? My favorite "Kaash" is - Kaash! I could go back in time and change somethings that I did incorrectly. Life would have been much prettier now (so I think). The amazing part about this word is, sometimes the Kaash turns into reality and you start to pinch yourself to realise that it's indeed the truth and is happening! I can narrate an incident in my life that happened to me recently. When I was in college, I used to ride the Luna. One evening (it was quiet late), when I was coming back home from a friend's place, my Luna ran out of petrol and stalled in the middle of nowhere. It was very dark, I was so scared. "Kaash"! there were cell phones back then. There was no one to ask for help for at least 5 mints. At this point I was crying. All sorts of bad thoughts came into my head. Suddenly, a bike with 2 boys offered to bring me some petrol for my bike. Of course, I HAD to trust them as I had no choice. They were so kind, they did help me out. I did not even have the courage to talk to them. After a year from that incident all of us graduated and went our respective ways. Till today, I shudder when I think of that incident and say "Kaash" I had asked them their names. A thank-you was still pending. Then, came facebook. Now they are my friends on the social networking platform. They introduced themselves to me. My batch mates. Wow! Thank-you guys. You will always be remembered. So keeping saying "kaash". Who knows?


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