Friday, September 16, 2011

Call me weird, but...

Normally I don't blog on Friday evenings. It's family time at home. But today is an exception, as my younger son is out at a football game with this friend. I decided to go window shopping and bought home bags of clothes both for me and the kids. In a happy mood now.

One of the five senses is smell. The solution to change your mood might be right under your nose. The smell of coffee in the morning stimulates the part of the brain that controls wakefulness. The scent of lavender is normally associated with relaxation and so on. Call me weird but there are certain "bad for health" smells that I love, like the smell of gasoline, markers, crayons, sharpie, paint, acetone etc. It makes me happy. I haven't figured out why I like these smells.  Maybe it is a certain 'buzz' that I experience after I smell these things. I can associate this with being on a high from drugs. Not that I have any experience in this area. But from what I have heard and read, I am assuming it might be the same. Some of these fumes in excess can be toxic. It is known to kill brain cells. It does not matter to me, because I can deal with these smells for a short period of time, after which I get a bad headache. I do need to breathe fresh air after some time. Our senses are strange sometimes. But I think I am normal as I know some friends at work who agreed with me as we got talking about this today. Everything in moderation is good and should be kept in mind.

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  1. Oh. I love all these "bad for health" smells too, glad I am not the only one.