Tuesday, September 13, 2011

10 things women like in men - according to me

Good evening! Busy with kids school activities for the past couple of days. Ultimate gift for a parent is that big smile on the kids face at the end of the day. I hope all this effort will pay off one day! I have the best Manager at work. She is so helpful and so appreciative of employees. I know, all good things must come to an end. This situation too is going to change. I am enjoying it while it lasts.

I read an article about 10 things men don't like in women on TOI. I thought of 10 things that most women like in men. Good looks might not always be what attracts attention but it is a starting point. I remember, I was once attracted to a person, who was loud and happy in the college corridors. He was not the most good looking. But his charm is what attracted me. Now, whether he would have made a perfect boyfriend or a husband still remains a mystery. So then, what characteristics in a man make for a perfect boyfriend? There is no such thing as a perfect man or for that matter a perfect human being. It's the chemistry between 2 people that actually works and makes them perfect. According to me the characteristics that women like in men in random order are:
1. Protective nature not to confuse with possessive nature - Nice to be felt like there is always that somebody who can protect you from all bad tings.
2. Sense of humor - To be able to laugh at all things silly is a great quality to have in a spouse.
3. Like mindedness - Very important! Or else he must be able to give you the space to pursue your dreams.
4. Presentable/charming - A good looking man next to you is a bonus. A charming personality can be substituted for looks.
5. Romantic - To me, this is number 1. I think if he can keep the romance alive through years, it's such a pleasure.
6. Ambition - He should be ambitious, so he is not boring.
7. Appreciative - He should appreciate you every now and then to make you feel good about yourself.
8. Personal hygiene - He should have some sense of personal hygiene. Goes a  long way.
9. Street smart more than intellectual - This is important. If you cannot act normal in public but are very intellectual, it's a turn off.
10. Secure - He should be confident of himself, so I can be confident about him.

Does this sound like you? Not far fetched at all. Correct? My husband has 6/10 of these characteristics. The other 4? Well, we don't get everything in life do we?

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