Sunday, September 18, 2011

What happenes when 2 great minds think alike?

A quiet weekend comes to a close. I went to work on Saturday. I tried Calamari for the first time on Sat. night when we went out for dinner. I loved it! A little bit chewy, but anything deep fried is so tasty, and on Sunday just hung around the house doing chores and watching movies. I can't say it was a lot of fun. But then again, not every day is Sunday correct?

Read something really exciting. The phenomenon called Madhuri Dixit  (MD) who could light up the screen with her million dollar smile is relocating to India! The reason I am excited is entirely different from that of the her fans. I am excited because I can relate to her. She is a lost and confused woman. A person who has her roots in India and is living here. I am sure her passion (acting) is what made her take this step. It will be interesting to see how her husband adjusts to this change in agenda. I remember watching her on "Koffee with Karan". She was talking about a time table routine that she follows here in the US. I could sense the boredom in her voice right then. Ask her about her time in India when she was doing the dance show "Jhalak Dikhlaga" and her face lights up and she could talk about it for hours. Clearly she belongs in India in the midst of millions of fans, doing what she does best. Dancing, dancing and more dancing!!! It's important to keep oneself motivated in life. Today, I fell the same. I have a busy routine but it's not fulfilling. I have not yet figured out what that one thing is that I would love to do that would make me feel content. Going back to India, is a thought (great minds) for the future that I always had and still have. Here is wishing MD a lot success in her forthcoming days. MD, I am watching you...


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