Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Omens and Beliefs

Hello! I am getting new clothes soon! At least, I would like to believe that. I wore my blouse inside out to work today.  I realised this only when I came back home. My Mom told me that if you wear clothes inside out accidentally, you will soon be getting new clothes. Did the normal household chores after that.

There are many beliefs that were passed down to us through generations. Some of them may sound stupid and some may sound more realistic. You make the ultimate decision on what to believe and what not to.  I definitely bbelieve in the statement that black cat passing your path is a bad omen. Every time this happens to me, I shudder. Someone told me the remedy to turn the bad omen into a good one. I religiously follow this. I know, most of you now want to know what it is. Admit it. It's ok. There is no logic. Don't blame yourself. The remedy is to take 9 steps backwards. It works! Believe me. Psychological,  you might say. To some extent it might be. But it makes my mind feel happy again. Hey, whatever works! Another bad omen, I shudder at, is breaking of glass. I don't have a remedy for this:(. My favorite good omen is to find money on the ground. I pick it up every time. I do not share it with anybody. :). As kids my friends passed on this other belief. There were these birds in India that looked like sparrows. They were blackish brown in color and had a yellow beak. They are normally found in groups. So, if we found one by itself, it was believed to bring sorrow. This is how it was symbolised. One for sorrow, 2 for joy, 3 for love, 4 for kisses and 5 for letters. There was a remedy for this "one for sorrow". You quickly try to spot a coconut tree and a banana tree and say these words - "coconut tree, banana tree all my sorrows to __________" fill in the blanks of a person on your hate list;). It is believed that the sorrow is transferred to that person. I did that religiously. I see similar birds in the US too and remember my friends and my childhood a lot. Although we do not find coconut trees or banana tress here, I still say the phrase in my mind and pick a non living thing to transfer the sorrow. Works for me.  Most of you might be calling me silly. But no one can convince me otherwise. :(.  You make your own truth! Don't forget to pass on remedies please!


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