Sunday, September 11, 2011

Peer pressure - Are you a victim?

Well friends, it's the worst time of the week again. It will pass, I am sure. Had a quiet Friday watching a lot of YouTube videos. I came across Rekha's interview - Rendezvous with Simi Garewal. If you all get a chance, do watch it. Poor Rekha, so beautiful, but missed out on love in life. She comes across as being lonely in life. Still missing AB. Who wouldn't? Can't blame her. Saturday was fun. Hung out with some friends and played board games and had good food. Managed to finish all the chores of the week just now. I picked up some cream puffs from the grocery store today. Since Sat., I have been giving in to my sweet tooth. I am on a sugar rush now.

Let's face it folks! Most of us were or are victims of peer pressure. In fact, some of the things we do today, are only because of peer pressure. Peer pressure is not always bad. You just have to know when to say "No". Now that is the hard part. Most of the time we face peer pressure during teen age. Most vulnerable time of our lives. It can make or break you. Luckily for me, I had good friends. Also, I lived with my parents till I got married. So, I always lived with the fear that my parents will find out if I do something wrong. I was tempted to do the things my friends who lived in the girls hostel did. They partied till late night, wore cool clothes, bunked classes, etc., which is every teenager's dream. Nothing wrong with that. But sometimes, we do not take the right decisions at that age. I have seen cases of failure. I was one of the curious teenagers. I always wanted to know, what was so cool about smoking? I loved the way the students held the cigarette in style and let out that smoke in the air. Of course they were showing off! I also wanted to taste alcohol. I now know that I did not miss out at all. Phew! I had learnt to deal with peer pressure. I had a good set of friends. We all talked about it and laughed it off and diverted ourselves with other positive things. I follow that even today. I think we have to be confident of ourselves. It comes with experience. Just the other day, at work, 6 of us were given a project to finish by Friday on top of what we already had to do. It felt like an impossible task. My colleagues got started right away dropping all that they were doing. I felt the pressure. I wanted to do the same. But I took a conscious decision not to. I had a different plan. I was stressed out. But I believed in myself and that took me to the end of the project. I was so happy and felt good that I did not give into peer pressure. I came out much more productive than the others and finished the project few hours before the deadline!. :). Please feel free to share your experience with me. I would love to know.


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