Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Spiritualism - is it for you?

Hi friends. Attended an Odyssey of the Mind information session yesterday at my son's school. Interesting way of engaging kids in creative thinking. The OM philosophy is that there is no right or wrong answer, there is only a different answer. It motivates a child to speak up. I like that. It was a beautiful day today here in VA. In between rains the sun came out for a few hours as a teaser.

Spiritualism- Belief in some religion. I was born a Hindu. Does it mean that I should follow Hinduism? I don't think so. Most of our parents, inculcate into us, a religion that we are born into. Nothing wrong with that. It is their duty to teach us what is right and wrong according to what they have learnt and understood. I pass my knowledge on to my kids too. But forcing an individual is not good. Ultimately, the goal is to have good citizens who respect others.  Every religion has good and bad and is debatable. As a kid, I observed most of the rituals that my parents followed. At that time, it did not mean much to me. It was a family event filled with joy - chanting mantras, eating good food, wearing good clothes and getting together with a lot of family members. But today, as a grown up, I understand why my parents observed such events. It was to thank the almighty for what we had and to protect us from all the evil things that surround us. Today, I feel the need to follow exactly what my parents did. I want to thank god for what I have, keep my children healthy and protect them. I also think spirituality is not something you are born with. It has to come from within you. It is a developed sense. For the longest time, I did not understand it. I used to go to the temples as an outing, I used to sing bhajans for pleasure ( I still do), but I am experiencing  a sense of calmness in the singing. Whenever I feel low, I sing a bhajan and it rejuvenates me. I know I have a long way to go to understand in depth, what spiritualism means. All I know and care at this point is - Yes, I am God's child and I am beginning to understand HIM and connect with HIM. Yes, I am spiritual! Are you?


  1. @Anonymous I am so glad you liked this post Anon. Keep coming back please.