Sunday, October 09, 2011

The sensual woman

Happy Sunday evening folks! Nothing is happy about it. I know. Since I last visited this space, the world is missing the genius Steve Jobs. It was a sad day. Weekend had some fantastic weather here in VA. I spent the Friday evening visiting a couple of friends to receive the "Taambulam". These friends display dolls on seven steps called "Golu" during Navaratri times. I do not know the significance of that. But it is definitely enjoyable to watch the whole celebration. We chanted the "Vishnu Sahasranma" and sang a few bhajans. I spent most of Sat. in the mall. Got lost in the Bath and Body Works store. Don't you love it? The fragnances are flirty, I had to indulge!

So, sensuality can be triggered in so many different ways. Fragrances act as a perfect stimulant. Whether it’s flirty & sexy, romantic & girly, desirable & sophisticated, devilish & sinful, glamorous & superstar or simply a party girl exciting there is a fragrance suitable for everyone. Each fragrance has its own distinct character and the uniqueness that can make a woman sensual. In olden days in India, the female used to cover herself from top to bottom with the smoke from the burning of a powder called "Sambrani".  It is always sprinkled on glowing red charcoal. The fumes which come out exude the aroma and it slowly spreads all across the room. The woman used to present herself to her man bathed in the aroma of  "Sambrani". It was a turn on for the man. I have heard men comment on ladies perfumes. They say that the smell lingering behind when a women walks away is something they take home with them to fantasize. Now a days there are a dime a dozen scented candles that can be used in different rooms to create the sensuous ambiance. So, I think, it is important to smell good. If you are a woman, you must use perfumes in your favor. The hard part is finding that scent that works well with the chemistry of your body. Just because it smelt good on your friend, does not mean it can smell good on you. It's to be found our by trial and error and after spending quiet a bit of time and money. I did just that on Sat. I can't wait to try the lotion and spray tomorrow. I will keep you all posted.


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