Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Divan

Happy Diwali folks! Yet again a beautiful day here in VA today. Took half a day off from work this morning to take my car in for inspection and then attend Rohit's Halloween presentation at school. He did a good job and made us proud! These little angles grow up too fast. As parents all we want is a bright future for them. Did not achieve much at work either. Enjoyed talking with a few friends, got organised and it was time to come back home. It's going to be a long day tomorrow.

I copied this picture from Wikipedia. A divan is a piece of couch-like sitting furniture.What many of you might not know is that the Divan is originally from Persia. My mother is such a creative person. She has this ability to observe and learn. She then implements what she has learnt in her own way. I remember, she introduced the Divan to our family when I was in the 5th grade or so. She had read about it somewhere, and decided to custom make one for our house. She was so passionate about this piece of furniture, that she would change the sheets on it very often and decorate it will colorful pillows. I spent a lot of time on this divan. An average divan can seat at least 4 people. When my friends came over we all gathered around this divan. Divan can be placed on the floor as shown in the picture above or can be a raised structure. Usually, it has oblong shaped pillows on either sides. I would say that it is a comfortable seating arrangement. A divan sparks up any corner of a room. It has a strange warmth to it. Most Indians can associate happy "tea & pakoda" times with their family and friends on this couch. Every time I visit a fabric store here in the US, I get inspired to have a colorful divan in my house. I have the whole ambiance planned out for this in my head. I just need to act on it. Next time, make it a "Divan" time folks!


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