Sunday, October 23, 2011

Diye jalte hain

Good evening friends. Friday was quiet for me. After gyming came home and started watching "Bigg Boss". It was fun to watch the 'hijda" clap a lot. The creative team of this reality show definitely know their audience well. Now I am addicted. Sat. I enjoyed a pre diwali bash in the evening along with some friends. Lot of dancing. People went berserk when they played the song "ringa ringa". Good food, good chai, good friends. Can't ask of more. Sunday morning was mostly spent on the phone catching up with family gossip from India. Evening was so fruitful. I planted some mums in my paradise. Also, put some solar lights on either side of the pathway. By far, the best decision for my yard. It looks heavenly. Couple of lights are not working. :( Hopefully, I can exchange them. Posting some pics. for you all to see.

It's almost Diwali time and what better way to start the week? I have always been attracted to dim lighting, be it in a restaurant, a hotel lobby, by the pool or at home. I feel, it can make or break moods. In the movie Rab ne bana di jodi, SRK uses lighting to say say I love you to Anushka. Lighting is also associated with romance. A perfect romantic date often has imaginative and creative lighting ideas combined with distinctive and unique touches that can make your personal event an unique and memorable experience. Lucky are those who have had the chance to be on such a date. Add soothing music to this scenario and we Scorpios will be so happy.  I have noticed that whenever I want some "alone time" escaping into my room, switching on some soothing music and lighting some lavender scented candles works so well for me. I can come to a state of calmness. I have tried practicing yoga too during this time. But I could not enjoy it as I found it to be too slow. I like the cardio related activities better. Of course, dim light does not work all the time for me. I have to see daylight to make me cheerful. I found that in the US the use of tube lights is not very common. My romance with lighting started when I moved to this country. I like visiting the lighting section in the stores. There are so many types of fixtures available, that one gets all confused. That's exactly what I faced today when I went o choose the outdoor lights. I had to make a choice between my budget and my favorite type. Why is that, we always get attracted to the most expensive one?


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