Sunday, October 02, 2011

Confused Women Club

Good evening friends! I think we should make Saturday the new Sunday and skip Sunday altogether from the week. I might be able to get over Monday blues this way. Something HAS to change. It has been 19 years. Every Sunday, the same sinking feeling, like it's all over. Please let me know if you have any ideas to solve this problem of mine. Finally watched the movie "When Harry met Sally" on Friday. Talked to a couple of friends in India. It was a quiet weekend otherwise. Mostly getting organised around the house.

While talking to my friend in India, we realised that there are many women who think exactly like us. We joked about starting a "confused women club". I think I can unanimously be elected as the president of that club. The member of this club is a confused soul. Confused, because she is not sure about what she wants in life. Does she want to live in the US or in India? Since she is in her middle age, she feels the need to enjoy all the parts of life that she missed during her teens and in her child bearing and rearing age. Now, that her children are grown up, she feels her life has started now. But is it too late to do some of the things she really wants to do like follow the current fashion trend, go to discotheques, hang out with friends and giggle like silly school girls. She wants to live in the current times. Social fear, or fear of family, or fear of being the odd person out is stopping her from enjoying the things she wants to do. Some women are still single. They would like to meet the man of their dreams. It is getting tougher as the clock ticks. Some women might want to lose or gain weight, some others might have family problems. Only women can understand women completely and it is nice to share the experiences with one another. I think this type of  a club will be successful. I know of many of my friends who would love to be a part of such a group. A group that can do things together. The company that they long for. It's a great idea! Solution to loneliness.


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