Thursday, October 13, 2011

Perfect Romantic Location

Good evening doston! What an eventful day it was. Something nice happened at work today. Unfortunately, I am not ready to share it with the world yet. Anyway, I was talking to a friend after a long time. I asked him "So, what's new?". I liked his answer. He said "it's a new day to get screwed, betrayed etc.". Although, this sounds pessimistic, it is reality on most of the days. He was speaking out of experience. Started watching the movie Delly Belly for the second time. I got distracted with so many things, that it was not enjoyable. I had to stop. No fun.

What is so attractive about a cold day in a hill station? Most Bollywood movies show hill stations to be a perfect honeymoon spot. As a teen, I used to dream of a married life in such a location. In retrospect, it was so silly. Nevertheless, the idea is still so tempting. The thought of waking up on a chilly morning, and stepping out on the balcony of a cottage is so exciting. The breathtaking view of the mountains is a treat to the eyes. The fog covered area probably makes one want to run through the woods singing and dancing like bollywood actors. A hot cup of "Pahadi" tea would be perfect for a good start to the morning. The tea estates of Darjeeling comes to mind. Some of the sizzling hill stations in India are in places like Himachal Pradesh, Karnataka, Jammu and Kashmir and Uttarakhand. I had visited J&K with my parents in the year 1987. It was the BEST vacation of my life till date. Kashmir is one of the most beautiful places in the world. It's nature at it's best. The other hill station that I have visited is close to Mumbai called "Mahabaleshwar". I have very fond memories associated with that trip. My dream of going on a honeymoon to one of these locations still remains a dream. It's on my agenda for a later date.


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