Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, Let down your hair to me

Hmm blogdosts, why do people talk so much? Lol! I met a person today, who beat me when it comes to talking. She did not give me an opportunity to talk about me at all in the half hour that we were together and I had just met her. Now I know, why she likes shopping, her fav. drink, how many kids and pets she has, their names, everything. Well, I actually had to make an excuse to say bye to her. On a better day, I would have loved her company. Yes, Jagit Singh! How many more talented people can this world afford to lose back to back? 

Folks, do you remember reading the story of the pretty Rapunzel? She had beautiful, long blond hair that won the heart of a young and handsome prince, who later on married her. Ask any man if he likes long hair on a woman and 99.9% of the time the answer is "yes". Men like running their fingers through the long hair and even smelling it. Men cannot resist ,when they see long hair that cascades down a female's back. (So, I heard). Long hair has been associated with sexiness and power since about the beginning of time for human. Long hair is more 'feminine' whereas short hair has become the domain of men. more or less. What constitutes as long hair? It changes from culture to culture. In India, hair is considered long when it runs below the buttocks. I have never been that lucky when it comes to thick and lustrous hair. My best friend from childhood was blessed with this feature. Yes, you are correct if you guessed that she was a Malayalee. Many people attribute it to the coconut oil they use to moisturize the hair. I think it is more to do with genetics. It is only a myth that oiling your hair regularly can keep hair healthy and shiny. In my opinion, you are born with great hair. How else would you explain most of the Sikhnis to have long, thick hair? I have heard comments like, looking at a person's hair, one can judge the overall health of that person. Hmm, not really, I have seen some of fittest people with scanty hair and even bald! So, men if you are reading, don't just go by the length of the hair to pick your girl friend. We are better from the inside. Side note: We women love a head full of bouncy hair on our men too! he he..


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