Thursday, October 20, 2011

Small talk

Namaskar doston! Busy,busy day. I was in all day meeting today. After work I attended a happy hour organised by our company to thank us for all the hard work and overtime we put in, in the last few months, preparing for a Government audit. The food was so good, I ate till I got sick in my stomach. I dragged myself into the gym. Managed to get an hour's worth of exercise. I was not happy. It was better than nothing. Yep, it was bound to happen. Ash now as her wax statue in Madam Tussuad's. Sigh!

Lol! at the cartoon above. Have you been in an uncomfortable situation where even tough there are so many people around you, there is pin drop silence? What do you do in such a situation? You make small talk. I detest small talk. It's so annoying. It has "I am putting up with you, because I am stuck with you" written all over it. But sometimes that is the only way to break the silence. Some examples are: Are you going for a walk? When you are clearly talking a walk on a walking path. It's so hot today. Oh, really? I did not notice that the weather is only 90 degrees F. Duhh.. So then why do people make small talk? There are a few different reasons why. First, the  most obvious reason is to break an uncomfortable silence. Another reason is to fill time. Some people do it just to be polite. You can't sit in a corner in a party by yourself. That is considered rude. You have come there upon an invitation, and are expected to mingle. Also, people use small talk while waiting for something. Like in a doctor's office, in a line to catch the bus or train, etc. It's not always easy to carry on small talk. You have to watch for hints or clues from the other person's body language and know when to stop. You soon find out if you click or don't click. If it's a bigger crowd, we can play games to break the ice. So, however much you hate it, you will be faced with situations where in you have to make small talk. So, next time don't judge a person when he/she tries to be polite. Just play dumb and answer the question. So, do you like my blog? he he.. 


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