Monday, July 04, 2011

Ladies Night Out

Happy Fourth of July friends! So much has been happening since I last updated my blog. It was always my wish to go to a club here in the US. After googling for what I thought was THE perfect club, I settled for the club which was not so far from home. We decided to eat dinner first. After some good "Desi Khana" at a rated Indian restaurant with like minded friends, we drove through the beautiful warm night to the club. From the outside the club looked like a decent place. All of us were charged, ready for a night of "all American" clubbing. We felt confident as we opened the main door of the club. There was a sign which read "club is on the 4th floor". We took the poorly maintained elevator to the fourth floor. Loud music filled our ears. I could not hold myself any longer. I started swinging to the music before we even entered the club. A doorman checked our ids and let us in.  No cover charge! Ladies free! Sweet right?  WRONG!!!! We soon found out that this was a run of the mill nightclub. The ambiance was so poor, it could easily be recreated at a private home in the basement. Thank god we were dressed casually or else we would have stood out like a sore thumb. Phew! There was no live DJ. Videos of Michael Jackson filled big screen mounted on the wall. My body was not moving at all, however much I tried. People around me looked like they were having fun. Of course, most of them were young and came as a couple. We tried to dance for 2 hours or so. For teatotalers like us, this club was not the place for having fun. However, don't underestimate our dancing skills. Put on some "desi music" and each one of us could give Madhuri Dixit a run for her money. LOL! We came out of the club, wanting some more action. So we decided to walk around the block for sometime. I had never seen midnight in VA, like I did on that day.  All the giggling and the commenting on every little thing that we could possibly set our eyes upon must have been distracting for passers by. Oh, who cares? It made me feel young again. A free spirit. What a feeling that was! Oh! why do we have to grow up?  


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