Thursday, July 14, 2011

Facebook Vs. Google Plus

No other city in the world has been the tragic target of as many serial terror attacks and bombings as Mumbai. Sorry Mumbaikars. I pray for your safety and peace. Meetings!, meetings!, meetings! That's all I did at work today.
Hello friends! Guess what, guess what? It's new! It's fresh!, It's on the Internet. I am excited to inform all of you that I am officially a member of Google Plus as of today! I got invited by a friend.

Still a BIG fan and addict of  Facebook, I very reluctantly signed up for G+. It took me a while to get around. I am still learning, but my initial experience was not that bad. I have a feeling it is going to be the next fad. It's all about Circles, Sparks and Hangouts. Just like real life is what they claim. It is to be experienced. Unlike Facebook, it is a one stop shop. You can browse the web, access Picasa, Blogger (plus for me), etc. from withing one single account. Brilliant! The focus of this social project is not on sharing with a mass group of friends, but on targeted sharing with your various social groups. For example, you can categorize them as classmates, relatives, kids etc. Whether you think it will fail miserably or it is the future of social networking, there is unarguably a wave of curiosity from the digital world. I heard that after Google stopped the invitation process some users even put their invites up for auction on eBay! This is serious stuff folks! Time will tell.


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  2. Google plus seems like the better site to me. Unfortunately, since it wasn't first it's chances of converting enough people to supersede facebook seem slim. It will take time, at least.