Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Is it really an Apple tree?

Hello! Read the news today about glamorous beggars in Mumbai, India. Begging taken to a new level! Kya hoga aise logon ka? Attended a farewell lunch at work today. Always amazes me that people say good things about people only when they are leaving. Why? It would make a huge difference, if they can appreciate the person when they are working hard during their term. Anyhow, nothing is going to change. Time to promote me to be a Manager he he.
An Apple a day keeps the doctor away!

I know how Adam and eve must have felt under that apple tree. Guess what? We have 2 apple trees in our backyard. One that the builder planted and one that me the great planted. A mini Kashmir in my backyard. Wishful thinking haan?
Picture (1)

Picture (2)

I just discovered the tree that the builder planted. We have lived in our house for 11 years now. The tree gave apples only this year. That's when I knew that it was an apple tree. Some welcome surprises in life. I tasted both these apples. They are sour now. I think they will be good for preparing chutney. Apple chutney. Sounds yummy right? When they turn completely red in color, I think they will taste sweeter.  At least, that is what I am hoping. The apples are not looking very healthy right now. They are a feast for the hungry insects. I have to spray some insecticide soon.  These apples do not grow bigger than what you see in the picture. Wonder what variety they are. They look so pretty on the tree. It's like being in an orchard. Some colorful birds are always circling round these trees. I see a lot of parakeets. Makes for a pleasant early morning sight! Can you tell which tree was planted by me? Picture (1) or Picture (2)?


  1. so this year apple picking at Maya's orchard in Ashburn hahahhah....Hope you get some good apples in the yard and make us some apple pies n ciders...:)

  2. going by the title of your blog I'm guessing no 1 is yours and 2 is builders he he he

  3. @Anonymous
    Sure Van. You pick the apples and you make the pies and cider! he he.

  4. Tree 1 - Builders; Tree 2 - Maya!!

  5. @Anonymous

    That's correct Anon! Thanks for your time! Keep visiting.

  6. @Anonymous

    One more correct Answer. YHou guys definitely are getting to know me. Good job! Thanks.