Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Clear skin - A dream?

Hello friends! Ok, I checked out a gym today. So.oo motivated to lose the extra pounds from the winter. After taking the tour of the gym, I went to sign up only to be shocked! The monthly rate was $59.99 double the price that some of my other friends are paying elsewhere. So stomped out of that place as quickly as possible.:) Met a new friend on my regular walk. She was from Delhi. Made some polite conversation and came home feeling all happy!

If there is one major change that I would like to see in the way I look, it would be to have clear skin. I suffered from pimple breakouts on my face in my teenage years. I still have deep scars from them. I have tried so many creams that promise great results. all in vain! Many have claimed that it has to do with your daily diet, and propose vitamins and foods that give your skin the nutrients it needs to replenish. I have waited in the lobbies of too many dermatologists. No results! I envy those who have clear skin. Dia Mirza and Katrina Kaif come to my mind every time I think of clear skin. It's a sign of being at the peak of health. I know drinking a lot of water is key. I am working on that.  I wonder if there are any laser treatments that can remove the scars forever. Please let me know or else my dream will remain a dream..:(


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