Thursday, July 07, 2011

Puffed Puris - A challenge!!

Happy B'day to my dear hubby, Shekar and my friend Anu! It was a day filled with mixed emotions. Woke up 15 minutes later than normal, and the whole routine was off! To top it, I had to give my car for servicing. Dropped the car at the Mazda dealer and went to work. Late of course! It was a constructive day at work. With the car service out of the way, and having left over food from last night for dinner, did not have much to do when I came back home. Made a steaming cup of my fav. "Bru" coffee and logged in to Facebook and discovered that a konkani song that I had recorded some 17 years ago in Austin, Texas was circulating on FB. Wow! Imagine my surprise! I was only the chorus singer in that. Nevertheless, shared it with all my friends. It was a proud moment for me. Now over to the topic of the day....
Anu was in the midst of making Puri Bhaji (my fav. snack) when I called her this past Sat. morning. Now since she did not invite me ;) I decided to make it myself. I was apprehensive at first, as I was making it after a long time and my memory from the last time I made was not very pleasant. The puris were soft and did not puff at all. My Mom had told me to mix a little butter while making the dough. I tried that this time. I think that was the trick. The puris did puff but not all of them. The first few where flat, however not bad as far as taste. The rest puffed up as you can see in the first pic. I think it had to do with the temperature of the oil and not my dough. I was thrilled. A success story at last! Since I had planned it for "brunch", I was not sure if it will be appetizing for my family as my hubby does not like very oily things so early in the day. The kids don't like to eat Indian food that much.  But, SURPRISE! the whole family enjoyed it and Shekar (my hubby) requested me to make it next day too.  In 18 years of our marriage this is the very first time that Shekar has ever asked me to make something "dil se". Isn't that something!

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  1. Dear friend I am proud of you for being a part of a song which describes Konkanis !!!! and secondly cause you have managed to make nice puffy puris yummm!!! I want some :-). Ah the little pleasures of life ! hmm aur ek aur baat bulaya gyron ko jaata hai apnon ko nahi he he