Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bonding with girlfriends

Namaskar Doston! I was feeling low all day today. Could not pinpoint why.  Normally, if I know the reason, I can find a solution. After, I finished my normal evening walk, I felt a lot better. Exercise has it's benefits, I guess. Planning to kick our front yard up a notch soon. Researching all kinds of ideas. Over whelming when we have too many options. I am one of those people who like short term projects, with quick/instant results. Directly proportional to patience levels, I think.
Think of happy times and college days always comes to most of our minds. Setting: Manipal/Udupi :

The reason is - we had a good group of like minded friends that cared for each other. I do have close friends now too! But it's not the same. Those days we were always together through thick and thin. We did have our fights but it never came in between the friendship. It was all part of growing up. Rain or shine we would meet everyday! Sharing notes, food, money and even clothes! Oh what fun! There was a certain element of excitement in wearing each other clothes. We were on a student budget then. So, could not afford a whole lot. Going to movies with friends back then, was a whole different experience. It did not involve a lot of planning. If we had nothing exciting going on, we would simply catch the next local bus and head on over to the theaters. There were no multiplexes. Just a run down theater that showed movies in ALL languages. Waiting in line for the tickets admist local "mawaalis" was such a pain. Yet it did not stop us from going early else we did not get tickets! :(  "House Full" was a board that we used to see quiet often those days. Obviously, as this was the ONLY theater catering to 100,000+ people mostly students. After the movies, eating bread masala at "Diana" (famous restaurant) was a must! We were 4 girlfriends. We used to pool money for this BIG event. No one really cared if it was equally divided or not. We just wanted to have a good time. How I wish things never changed. I have a fear, even if we meet now, that bonding that we experienced back then, is never going to be there. I feel now, as mature adults, we are corrupted meaning, we have lost our innocence and think before we take any action. Spoils the whole experience. Nevertheless, would love to meet all of them again!


  1. I can guess who would pay Rs 0 for the damned bread masala he he he

  2. Maya....,
    This was taking me down the memory lane ...!! Yes .. as u said we make lot of friends in our life .. but our school friends are different .. :-) dont know if u remember but the gifts what u guys gave when my brother sujith was born is fresh in my memory .. :-)

  3. @Anonymous It was not me who paid Rs.0 Anon.

    Surekha, Thaks for the comment. yes, I remember coming to your house to see your brother. Fun days!!!