Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Mezza Grill - A belly dancing experience

Not a very great day for me today my friends. After a normal day at work, I came home and fried some pomfret for dinner. The good part is I took a 45 minute walk after a long time. I need to exercise a lot more. Why is it so hard? The fish turned out to be yummy. Ideas for an all you can eat fish party were being discussed at the dinner table by all family members. Hmmm, nice! Coming soon!
Dance has always been my creative outlet. My friend Anu and I take belly dancing classes. That's our instructor in Blue. She was performing at a Lebanese restaurant called Mezza Grill on Friday night. We decided to watch the show while eating some good food. So we ordered some samplers. Every dish in a Lebanese restaurant revolves around Hummus. I am not a big fan of that paste. Neither is Anu. Anyway, we wanted to kill time while we were waiting for the belly dance event to start. It was to start at 9:30 PM! Wonder why? Some people in the audience were enjoying the "Hukka" as you can see in picture. The beautiful dancer (our teacher) entered the restaurant through a narrow hallway from her dressing room in her colorful outfit, her body movements completely in sync with the entrancing sounds of the drums. There is an earthy, sensual aura connected with belly dancing that draws the eyes to the dancers body.  Indeed, the dancer speaks directly to the watcher, with each and every subtle movement of her body. Every time she made a hip lift the coins on her belt made beautiful music against her hips. The audience was pleased. They clapped  in joy after every performance. All of us tipped her to show our appreciation.  She brought out all beautiful props like veils, cane, and finger cymbols while she swayed to some middle eastern tunes. The "tabla" was a prominent instrument that I could hear very clearly. She looked like a goddess as she shimmied,  undulated and gestured to the music, flipping her blond hair every now and then making the men who were watching weak in their knees. Such is the power of belly dancing. This proved that anyone can learn any form of dance if there is a will. Anu too danced a little with her. Everyone present stood up and cheered them. After the show Anu and I were determined never to give up learning this form of dance. Can't wait for next Wednesday when we go back to class.


  1. Mezza Grill aah... remembered our night out with a adh mari belly dancer heheheh:) So you girls r taking belly dance class?? sahii... will love to see those hips gyrating during our next meet...

    had fun reading couple of your blogs..


  2. @Anonymous
    Thanks for the comments Van. So nice of you. Gald you had fun. Yeah, we shoul dhave a ladies night out soon. We can show our moves.