Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Psssssst..... Did you hear?

Good evening friends! Highlight of today Hina Rabbani Khar! Gorgeous! Wonder what the oldie Indian politicians can discuss with this chic from Pakistan. What a fashionable debut. Way to go missy! Rakhi Sawant wants to marry Ramdev baba.Wonder how their kids will look like. he he. Bipasha Basu went to  the  doc. to get top heavy. Media is concluding it's to get over John. Why not? Go Bips. Anything that will make you happy.

You guessed it folks. Today's topic is Gossip! I love it! Can't get enough of it. Click of a button and you can read just about anything under the sun. Good era to live in. The only way magazines and newspaper sell is if they sensationalize the news. Journalism has reduced to this level.  Even the most serious news has to have a catchy headline to attract attention. Gossip fans are everywhere, in all countries, in all cities, on all continents. Celebrities are included on the gossip topics most of the time, so it is obvious that it is in the human nature to notice the leaders, the people who stand out from the crowd, and dissect their words, their clothes, their hair or their behaviour. So what makes gossip so damn interesting? I think people like to kill boredom, so they seek excitement in the life of others. This explains also the success recorded by reality shows. Who would have thought that a time will come when millions of TV viewers will watch every night for one hour or so how a bunch of people are eating, sleeping or taking showers in a house where they are like in prison, all time in the objective of cameras. Today there is an opportunity for ordinary people to become overnight heroes. I would be lying, if I did not get influenced by soap operas and other reality shows that are being aired today. I have dreamt of being on reality shows. Yes, I have! Do women gossip more than men? Maybe. It's because women are born with the talent of relating stories, therefore they become better conversationalists and more interesting people! So friends,  present any news in the form of gossip to me and I am all ears. LOL!


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