Monday, July 25, 2011

Village Belly - that's me!

Oh, same old day! Not complaining. It is good to be healthy and breathing, I know. It was a good day work wise, but mood? Not so good. The children came home, and were talking to me about their day. I was pretending to listen to them. My mind was thinking about other things. It suddenly struck me, that I am not spending enough time with family. I NEED to change this or else it will be too late. As I was on my walk this evening (sorry, have to mention this everyday as it the best time of my day), I got thinking...

 I have this illusion that people in rural areas in India are more content than people living in urban areas. I am so attracted to the the simplicity in those settings. Life is a mixture of tranquility, serenity and quiet times. People are so innocent. All the culture in India prevails in our villages. I recently had the pleasure of visiting a village in south india. I noticed that people live with a sense of loyalty. They share common ponds, wells,  sitting places, etc. Agriculture is their main occupation. The most attractive feature of a village home for me is the kitchen. I loved how the women made a natural stove using stones and firewood. I am sure the food tastes very good. The smell of burning firewood is intoxicating. A typical lunch involved cooked par boiled rice, pickles and one vegetable curry. The villagers were so friendly to us. Walking through the village I had a strange feeling. I felt free the way I had never felt before. There were no city crowds, no maddening traffic. No one was in a hurry. It appeared as though people led a stress free life. It would be nice to get away to a quiet place like this for sometime. Away from the contrast urban world. It might just be an illusion. I have to interview the villagers to find out if they are indeed content with their life or experience it myself by living in a village for sometime being just one of them.


  1. Very true Maya. People in smaller places do lead a less stressful lives. I had the opportunity to visit a small town in Karnataka last time I was in India and I noticed the same thing. People seemed much more contented and happy.


  2. @Anonymous Hey, thanks Bhavana for your comment. Gald you had the same experience. - Maya