Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Difference of Opinion

Today was an eventful day at work. Less work more talk he he.. Learnt how to make Baingan - South Indian style from a co worker. Cooked some shrimp for dinner. The kids loved it.

Doston, there is a quote which says -  Opinions are like assholes. Everybody's got one and everyone thinks everyone else's stink.

It’s rarely a good thing to impose one’s opinions on others; it usually doesn’t result in a good outcome. Disagreements are bound to happen whether it is with family, friends or at work.Without differences the world would be a boring place to live. Each person has a unique way of viewing the world, so conflict isn't necessarily a bad thing. In fact, differences of opinion often foster open communication and change. So then what is the best way to handle a difference of opinion? My experience says change the topic for that moment and come back to the point of difference when both parties cool down. Most of the times there is a good common point that can be reached. Let me give you a simple example of  my recent episode of "difference of opinion". I was discussing the importance of having a second child with a close friend. I told her it's more for the sake of the first child that parents should have the second child. That child should have someone to call his/her "own". My friend's argument was - how many people today can rely on their siblings for support of any kind? Her own experience was not so pleasant with her brothers and sisters. So, in her "opinion" having  a second child was not very important. The first child can always make friends who he/she can be close to. At the end of the discussion, we agreed to disagree and parted peacefully. I know, never to raise that topic with her ever again as it led to some uncomfortable moments.  Nevertheless it was very interesting to discuss the topic with her. SPICY baby!

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  1. good you both farted peacefully he he he he