Saturday, June 18, 2011

Milestone for my blog

Just came back from work. Yes! on a Sat. Whatever! I plan to enjoy the rest of my weekend. My best friend just called me to tell me that she was the 1000th person to click on my blog. A big thank you to my blog friends who have been reading my posts so far. My blog counter boasts the number 1030 today. Makes me so happy. Please keep reading and do comment. It keeps me motivated and encouraged. Motivation is important as it wipes out the fear of success. Milestones are concrete evidence of progress. They are primary checkpoints to see how well you are doing. The lack of objectives and milestones will undoubtedly lead to inactivity, a state that we often naturally derive to, whether intentionally or not. Both personally and professionally. Blogging is a new discovery for me and I am enjoying it thoroughly. I started my blog on an experimental basis. I was procrastinating starting a blog for the fear of getting into something really hard to attain. When I found out that creating a blog only took 5 minutes, my joy knew no bounds. Now, I am on a roll. Every project can be measured by milestones. Little milestones lead to an ultimate goal. I am setting my next milestone to be 2000. Friends, will you help me get there? I really hope so.


  1. Congratulations! It says 1071 now!

  2. @Anonymous
    Hi Anon. Thanks dear. Could you please tell me your name?


  3. Was me - Asha! Just thought I would make it anonymous! Love reading your blog. Have asked the others to join - Hope they will also follow.
    Keep blogging.

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