Thursday, June 16, 2011

Rain is falling chama cham cham

Oh friends, a small fly went into my left eye today, when I was taking a walk. It was so painful. I managed to get it out. But my eye is still irritated. It is raining over here after a long time. Feels like the first rains of the year.

The first thing that I feel like doing when it rains is dance in it just like a peacock in it's full glory. The water falling on my face adds to the enjoyment. Everything suddenly smells good and looks fresh. The whole atmosphere becomes so romantic. Nothing like it. The cool, moisture filled breeze which comes first confirms that the beautiful event of rainfall will be experienced shortly. The rain is so beautiful and healing. The greenery is so soothing. The cows appear content grazing. Getting wet in heavy rains offers quiet a thrill don't you think? The dark cloudy skies makes for a freezing cold erie situation. Dil goes dhak! dhak! dhak!. All the sorrows of life seem to get wiped off and everything appears to be so calm and peaceful. The bright lightening is gods way of taking pictures of the world that he created  followed by the deafening thunder that rumbles through the skies leaving behind the scare that it might tear the sky into pieces and fall on your head. I can associate rain with some great childhood memories at my grandparents place. My grandma and some of my aunts used to make some rainy season delicacies like, Jackfruit papads, Alvathi, Alambe ambat, Mango halwa etc. while we cousins (some 15 of us) played in the rain. Grandma used to wait for some relief from the rain so she could put the freshly made wet papads out in the sun to dry (natural baking). Rain brought the family together. We would later sit down (all 40 of us) lined up on the floor and grandma used to serve all home made food. She had a sense of pride in doing what she did best - Feed us! I miss you grandma. She always said I was her favorite grandchild.  I want to believe that. I want to be that child again. Aww.. I am sure not a single person in the world, can say that they have no connection with the rain. It's magical!


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