Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Adolescent Surprize!

Adolescence - An age where we think we know everything!

Hello all! Never judge anyone anytime in life! I learnt this today. I just came back from my normal everyday evening walk. While on my walk, I saw a boy and girl walking a couple of yards in front of me. It felt like I had seen them somewhere before. Not sure, I decided to call out the girl's name. The boy happened to hear me and turned around. Yes, it was that boy. But wait, why wasn't the girl responding? Maybe it's not who I was thinking it was. She did look a lot..I mean a lot thinner! I had to confirm. So, I called out her name yet another time. This time louder. This attracted the attention of some other walkers who gave me the stare. Ignoring them, I focused on 'my" girl. At this time the girl flipped her gorgeous, thick, black hair and turned around for a few seconds. Enough time for me to see that beautiful face and confirm that it's "my" girl. Wow! what a stunner she was. I asked her to wait. These two kids (sister and brother) were now adolescents. I had not seen them in a loooong time!  I knew the girl as a toddler and then as a pre-teen. She had bushy eyebrows, bad teeth, thick long hair that was always braided and wore the geekiest clothes. I remember comparing her with "Jassi" from the TV serial "Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahi". Today she was standing in front of me with perfect teeth, perfect skin, perfect eyebrows and perfectly styled gorgeous long black hair. Boy! was I wrong then! She is going to crush many hearts soon. I think every stage in life has it's own charm. But the confusing yet colorful years of adolescence are the best. Full of surprises. Remembering mine now. Seems just like yesterday...


  1. Good post Maya! I love your writing style.


  2. Thanks Bhavana for the encouragement.