Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Guitar - The Instrument that rocks!

Ok friends, so Ash is pregnant. All the hungry journalists must be thrilled! They can write about it for the next nine months. I ate Lychees for breakfast today. In South India, this fruit was considered as the fruit for the rich. It was not easily available.  I worked late again. Burnt my right elbow when I was taking the chicken tandoori out of the oven. Ouch!

I have to admit guitarists (men)  have a droo...ol effect on me. These men look so charming when they play the instrument. No matter what age, guitar remains the symbol of cool, hip – whatever new adjective strikes you. It has always been my dream to be part of a music group. It's another story that the dream never got fulfilled. Guitar music is relaxing and enjoyable for the listener. Mention guitar, and immediately the song "Fast Car" comes to mind. Tracey Chapman was mind blowing in this song. Even today it is so popular. It's even played in clubs. Foot tapping music to say the least.  No matter, which song, if the guitar is the primary instrument that is used, I have noticed that I have fallen in love with that song and I tend to listen to it again and again. Songs like Neele neele ambar par, Chura liya hai and lately Sham from the movie Ayesha and Te Amo from Dum maro dum. The guitar can be played standing or sitting. Both ways the player looks so sexy. The confidence that the guitarists ooze attracts me. That's my son's guitar in the picture. He is taking classes for the past 6years. I am hoping he will be a good guitarist in the future. To some it comes very naturally. They are the lucky ones. Others can get there with practice and hard work. "Talent is the natural gift you were born with. Your "ability" is the result of working to develop your talent. The simple equation is: ability = talent x work." Recently my son learnt how to play the chords for the song "you are my sunshine" from the movie 3 Idiots. That was so cool! I sang along. I felt like I was living my dream!


  1. Wow! To be a rock star with a Guitar flung accross is an image many men would like to see themselves in!! Your confession confirms many women droool over such cool guys!! Kash..hum bhi guitar sikhtey..!!
    I am posting a Guitar background score so lively and wonderful that it remains in mind for a long time!!

  2. @Anonymous

    Prassana, it's never too late to take guitar lessons. Nice post! Loved the music. Thanks. - Maya

  3. yikes Maya I would never drool over men . Now I know why ur carpet is all wet he he he he he