Thursday, June 09, 2011

Turning 40!

Friends, I had a very challenging day today. Both  physically and emotionally.  Usually, I start my day with a cup of coffee. I opened the refrigerator to find out that my favorite creamer was over. Darn! I settled to read some news. Vidya Balan must be very sad today as the newspapers had M.F. Husain's death as headlines. Her portrait is still "adhura".  The coffee at work would be my saviour. My mind must have been on the coffee that I could not have, because I almost met with an accident while driving to work. Came to work to find out no one had made any coffee. I was already late, so decided to skip the coffee. With a disturbed mind and a cranky outlook, I started my work only to be faced with the most extraordinary issues. Of all the days today! Ended up staying late at work. On the way back home got stuck in traffic and pouring rain. Sucks. I know. Got to think of happy times. My 40th B'day!

Like most people, I did not look forward to turning 40. Thanks to some of my dear friends my 40th B'day was the best till date! Every little detail was planned to make my day. It was a nice excuse for me to get some more attention. These are the same people who have listened to me and taken me what I am for so many years now.  Thanks guys. Life would be meaningless without all of you. That was the year I discovered Facebook and made some new friends, some of who turned out to be God sent and some.... hmmm. The two years since then have been nothing but an adventure with unexpected travel, trying new things, exercising, doing things on the spur of the moment (I highly recommend this, good fun), being independent, etc., etc. I have learnt a lot and lived a little. Suddenly 40s started looking, feeling, smelling like the new 20s to me. I was on a high! I know every good thing must come to an end. Screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeech??? No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Happy he, on the weary sea
    Who has fled the tempest and won the haven.
    Happy whoso has risen, free,
    Above his striving, for strangely graven,

    But who'er can know,
    As the long days go,
    That To Live is happy,
    has found his Heaven!!

  2. Good writing Maya, keep up the good work!!! Just as a feedback when I start reading it gets ineteresting and I feel like you need to write a little bit more but your stories come to a Screeeeeeching halt he he. in other words it keeps me wanting more :)

  3. Prasanna, you must be the author of this lovely poetry. Once again, a nice one. Indeed, live happy.

  4. Thanks Anu for your nice comment. Long posts are not my style. Don't want to bore my audience.