Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Movie-ology - Popcorn anybody?

Vanakkam friends. I have this trouble. When I drive back home from work, I fall asleep in my car. I have barely escaped major accidents. My eyes close involuntarily. Many times I have woken up all startled to find me in the next lane. Anyone else experiencing this? Let me know. We are having a "Chili cook off competition" at work tomorrow. Our whole team has decided to make 2 pots of "chili" together. In fact, we already made it today, and put it in the fridge. It was so much fun. Each one of us brought one ingredient for the "Chili" and mixed it all into a crock pot and cooked it for about 6 hours. I can't wait for lunch time tomorrow. Hope we win. Alright folks, Song of the day, from the movie Masoom. This is not the Jugal Hansraj Masoom. I did not know of this Masoom till today, when I came across it as I was browsing he net. Sung by Abhijeet and Sadhana Sargam, this song has the 80's feel to it. Nice one!

According to me, movieology is the art of enjoying a movie. Watching a movie is a great way to escape reality for a few hours. Most people have this as a "total time pass" hobby. Going to the movies is no longer the same. I remember those days, when a movie used to be filmed in a common open area at night, and our whole neighborhood would go with blankets and watch the 3 hr. black and white movie and come back home, thrilled to no end. Technology advanced and we started going to the theaters to watch colored movies. I enjoyed most aspects of this except for a few like distracting behavior by other movie goers. The guy behind you, idly kicking the back of your seat while chatting to his neighbor or the couple in front, with their running commentary on the film, and eve teasing by rowdy boys. Then came the annoying VHS tapes that would perpetually get stuck in the video player, right during the climax. The DVD players took care of this problem. Most people prefer these slim disks to traditional movie going, and what's not to like? They promise the enjoyment of going to the movies without all the hassle and for a fraction of the cost. Now with Netflix, and High Definition streaming, people have built movie theaters inside their own houses and enjoy family movie time. Indeed technology is amazing. It is the death of movie-theater magic. I prefer to go to the local multiplex simply for the audience interaction. Club it with a ladies night out and the indoor movie theater does not compare!


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