Sunday, October 07, 2012

Being "Simple"

Gentle-men and Gentle-ladies, the corruption drama in India continues. This time it is the Son in law, Mr. Robert Vadra. Sigh! Not a bad weekend friends. Friday, after work, I had gone to get my car inspected. Sad to say, that my car failed inspection. Now I have to replace all the 4 tyres on my car. More $$. After that I went for a long, brisk, walk with my friend. Came home on time for dinner. The whole family sat around the table and enjoyed subway sandwiches for dinner. I woke up on Sat. feeling really good. Got a lot done around the house, and finally the time came to meet friends at the movies for English Vinglish. It was a feel good movie, like expected. After the movie, we girls went out and had some kabas followed by lot of girl talk over a hot cup of masala chai. Priceless! This morning, I was standing in line at the groceries and the people in the adjacent counter caught my attention, as they were being very loud. The reason? A person was accusing another person (a desi) for cutting in line. Good for the desi, she stood up for herself and argued with the other woman saying, the person she cut was her own family (her mother) and she knows enough not to cut in line. It was quiet emotional for our desi lady. I am sure she was hurt as she was following rules. I am not sure, if I would have created a scene, nevertheless, I am proud of  my desi aunty. Later in the afternoon, I went to my friends house to practice a skit that we are performing live on stage, next month. It was enjoyable. She fed me the best trifle cake! Folks! Bigg Boss 6, has started today on Colors channel. I watched it on youtube. It was a good show. I can tell, the contestants were carefully chosen from all the strata of society. I could identify quiet a few feisty characters. I am rooting for Vrajesh Hirjee. I have always liked his comic timing. Al tough, not understood the parrot part. If indeed it was the parrot talking, then it's quiet amazing. It's definitely going to be Entertaining, entertaining, entertaining show! Time for Song of the day: Yeh, dil ye paal dil mera by Ghulam Ali. Im my opinion, Ghazals should be heard live. It is an interactive style of singing. The singer tantalizes the audience so much with the lyrics, the audience cannot wait to hear the ending of the shayari. I love it. I only wish I understood it completely. The usage of Urdu language is so high, that sometimes it becomes difficult to follow.

Does being "simple" equal to a good person? That's how most people think. I come across people all the time, who advise their children, to be simple in life. I hear this statement on TV too. I disagree. I really hope what they mean is be humble in life. My experience says that, people take advantage of those people who are simple. I have heard comments like "she is a simpleton yaar".  Today, people relate being simple to being ignorant. Gone are the days of Mahatma Gandhi. Unfortunately, being street smart is what makes a person today. There is a difference between enjoying simple things and being simple. When people say, nothing external to us can give us permanent and true happiness. We actually have all we need to be truly happy within us, I can relate to it to some extent. If that was indeed the entire truth, then why are there so many unhappy people in this world today? Somewhere, then the theory of  living the "simple" life is not the complete answer. People have desires and wants in life, for which one should approach life with ambition, to achieve what they want and fulfill those desires. I agree with Amitabh Bachchan in the movie English Vinglish when he says live, Bindaas and Bejijak. Love you Amitabh and your role in the movie. Good night folks! Keep living life "King" style.


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