Thursday, October 25, 2012

A day off from life?

My dear blog friends, I get nervous to open the newspaper these days. So shocked to hear the sad demise of man who put smiles on our face with his witty one liners and comedy shows.....JASPAL BHATTI JI RIP...".  I noticed that sad things happen just before a BIG event in life. Example: Boney Kapoors' ex wife died just before her son's Arjun Kapoor debut movie release, recently Yash Chopra died just before his last movie release "Jab tak hai Jaan" and now Mr. Bhatti. His movie "Power Cut" was due for a release soon. I remember watching his shows "Ulta Pulta" and "Flop Show" on TV as a school kid. Anyway, I want to take this opportunity to wish all my dear friends and family a very happy life ahead, be it health, wealth or anything that they want in life. I really want all of us to be happy. Somehow, I am very nervous these days. I am totally soaking-in, the weather these days. Fall is a time when things become cooler, and all of those beautiful leaves earn a fiery glow before falling. Anyway, with Dussera celebrations behind us, looking foward to Diwali now. Let's try to burn less crackers this year. How could I not post a song of Yash Chopra movies? The Song of the day is from the 1988 movie Vijay, directed by Yash Chopra and starring Rajesh Khanna, Hema Malini, Rishi Kapoor, Anil Kapoor and Anupam Kher in pivotal roles. Rishi Kapoor was the SRK of yesteryears. Nice!
With so many things going on in my life, a thought just occurred to me. Can we get a day off from life? I decided to post this as my status on Facebook last night. I was surprised to see that a number of people responded to my question. The first person directly came to the point and said, "It's called death". While I agreed, I pushed people to think of another solution. My friend added humor to this discussion by saying maybe a "Sri Sri" session should help. Another friend wrote - "Day from life => day at work, assuming life = what you do outside work, the equation works. (I have to agree to some extent, given the assumption). To this one other person responded by saying "We can always take a day off from life..... provided we define what we mean by day off and what is life??". Hmm definitely some food for thought! Another person wrote "Hibernate for a day." They all had a point!  But then, the ultimate answer came from one of my classmates from college who said - "Wise men and women have no time for such ideas. They celebrate life each moment". Well said my friend! I have to agree with you 100%. Your point is well received. After all, who are we to decide about our precious, god given life? We must have done a lot of good things in our previous lives to get the human form in this life. I am so glad for Facebook. I am able to hold a discussion with a group of people sitting right here on my couch at home. Cheers to life!
“In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on.”
― Robert Frost


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