Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Life - where it should be?

Happy Halloween blog friends! Calm has prevailed after the storm "Sandy". Luckily we did not have any mishaps in VA. Enjoyed some quiet days at home. When I finally drove out of the house this morning, the majestic golden sun welcomed me. With the first light of day, the dazzling bright sunrise was promising a beautiful day ahead. The gorgeous maple trees on either sides of the road were playing hide and seek with the sun. It looked something like the pics. I posted below. How romantic! I fell in love with nature once again this morning.

October is over friends. A lot happening for me in November. I am acting in a skit which we are presenting on stage on Nov. 3rd. I will try to post the video if it gets captured. It's our engagement anniversay on Nov. 4th and Nov. 8th is our 20th wedding anniversary. Nov. 13th is Diwali and my friends mark your calendars because the movie "Jab tak hai jaan" is releasing. SRK will be back with a bang! Nov. 22nd, is my BIG day. Yes, it's my B'day.  Can anyone guess how old I will be? Biggboss 6 is the most boring season so far. We need people like Dolly Bindra and Sky Walker for TRP. Siddu Paaji and his Vichar dhara. crap can stay outside of this game. And whats with That bimbo Karishma biting her finger nails all the time? Sapna and her Aseem bhaiyya are annoying. Friends haven't you all been in that situation when the same song that you were singing in your mind plays on the radio. It happened to me today. This is why I wish we had a Hindi FM station here in VA. I love the real time interaction of the radio. The aniticipation that a good song will play next, keeps me hooked on for a long time. Some Radio Jockeys can make it very interesting. I always listen to FM station while in India. The evening hours on the Radio makes long drives dreamingly mysterious. To add to this if there is good company, which is always the case in India, with so many cousins, family and friends around it's like "Sone pe suhaaga". So the Song of the day is that song that I heard on the online Radio, from my favorite movie "Band Baaja Barat" - aada ishq, aada ho jaayega.


Today, I talked to a friend after a long time. This is how the conversation went:

Friend: Hi, long time!
Me: yes, how is life?
Friend: My life is not going anywhere. I am so depressed.
Me: Why?
Friend: (Sounding all sad) I had planned so many things for myself, none of which is materialising in life.

I tried making her feel better with some pep talk. After we hung up, I thought to myself, is my life where it really should be? The answer was, for the most part it is! Phew! I like waking up everyday and going to work. I come back to a clean and happy house, I am pursuing the things I love, like acting in little skits, participating in dance shows, watching movies etc. Luckily, Shekar is very supportive with my passion for art and culture. I am mingling with the friends that I really like and have consciously decided not to socialize with people that do not mean anything to me. So, if tomorrow "Yamadooth" knocks on my door, I have no regrets. I felt good knowing that, this contentment is coming to me from deep within. Well, that doesn't mean I am happy always. There are days when I do feel sad and dwell in self pity. But once in a way it is ok to be in that space, I think. I have many more dreams that I want to fulfil if life permits. Traveling being on top of the list. Let's hope health, money, family and many other factor's cooperate.


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