Sunday, October 21, 2012


Heelllllo! It's Sunday evening already? Today marked a sad day for Bollywood. My favorite director Yash Chopra, passed away. Hopefully he has passed on his skills to his children. I have to watch at least one sugar coated, romantic love story per year not to lose my faith in romance. Yes friends. True love, romancing in Switzerland with chiffon sarees, loud Punjabi weddings, etc. do exist -  in the minds of people. he he. Let's enjoy our fantasies on celluloid. It feels good. Thanks Yash Chopra, for showing us that romance can be so beautiful if and when experienced. I just finished watching the BB6 episode from today. Agreed that Siddhu has brought positivity to the show. No doubt, that he is an intelligent person, but the real master mind of today was Bigg Boss. By asking the housemates to choose 2 people, who they want to save, BB has really killed 2 birds with one stone. Isn't it the same as eliminating, those who they don't like? Fantastic job BB! The 2 contestants that have been nominated Urvashi and Rajiv, are both TRP material. Unfortunately, this twist might cost BB heavily. I personally, would have liked both these contestants to stay, after all, Siddhu can only solve problems. We need people to create problems correct? Anyway, I am going to be busy this week, with an upcoming party that I am hosting this Saturday. Should be lot of fun. Everybody enjoyed the "upma" at the Sat. party. As promised some pics. for you.

 Boiling water with Masala
 After the upma had been added and cooked. Garnished with Cliantro and coconut
 All mixed
 Dished out
 Garnished with Sev. No Sev, No eat per Konkanis
I am in the mood for a slow romantic song right now for the Song of the day. I thought Manisha Koirala was the prettiest girl, when I first set my eyes on her in this movie. She was cast opposite Salman Khan. A sad movie, shot in Goa with some fab acting. Yes, the movie is Khamoshi. Totally a song for Feb. 14th.
We have heard Shatrughan Sinha say KHAMOSSSH many-a-times in old Hindi movies. Is this really possible? With all the recent developments in technology for communication, will there be a day in the future where people may not have the need to talk? My answer to this question, is NO. People have a tongue, and they will have the need to use it. They might use it a little less frequently, but the organ was a god given gift and the almighty gave it to us for a reason. Just like machines, all the parts of a body have to be used in order for man  to function as a whole. Hman bodies are machines after all. Plus, there might be side effects to no talking. For people like me, it might lead to depression. I get the urge to express myself orally every 30 minutes. Man is a social person. No matter how many social networking sites they open, I still have the need to talk. Got to go now folks, I am getting that strong urge to talk. :)


  1. I can definitely vouch for the upma - love it! Especially when Maya makes it!

    You know what Maya, I have started making it on Saturdays! Without the tomato though. Will have to try that next time,
    And, have you heard the speech by the Australian PM?

    As someone said, it is what every one of us women have wanted to say to someone at some point in our lives!

  2. Thanks Asha. Unfortunately, I could not open the link. It says this video is banned. Enjoy your upma!


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