Saturday, October 20, 2012

Lactose free ki "badbu" free?

Happy weekend folks! Hopefully everyone is in their great Saturday spirits. It's going to be a fun filled weekend for me. More house parties with friends, food and dancing. Was concentrating on household chores and family for the past few days. So, did not get a chance for this spot. Did you all hear about the lady who breast fed the Pup? Apparently she felt complete after this experience 'cause she could not breast feed her children. Strange are people. Now that all of us have sent Mr. and Mrs. Khan on their merry way to their 250th honeymoon, (next topic: Will they have any children? hehe) let's concentrate on Student of the Year. Shall we KJo? So what if the story line has nothing new? (I haven't seen the movie yet, will catch it on DVD). It's has all the ingredients to make me happy. Music rocks! Definitely playing it at the Diwali party this year. My favorite is Radha. Love you KJo for this typical KJo song. It's me too. How clever of you to choose a traditional name like Radha, during Navaratri time. I must say, very creative! Can't wait to dance to it. So, it is the Song of the day/week  for me.

Friends, I think my search for a milk substitute, had finally come to an end. My problem with milk was the "yucky" smell. I tried mixing all sort of powders, in the milk, after the countless suggestions from multiple friends. But that smell of the rawness of the milk would not go. Finally, one friend suggested I try the Lactose free milk. The "Silk" brand. She said to mix some fruits of choice and honey with it and blend it into a cold smoothie. I tried it and guess what? No smell, yummy taste and a healthy drink was in front of me. Now I drink this Monday-Thursday, every night. This way, I get my daily quota of fruit consumption too! I am in a rush today. Got to make "upma" for a party this evening. I know, "upma" is not the greatest snack. But I think, I make pretty decent tomato "upma" as per some of my friends. I will try and post pics. in my next post. Till then, have fun my dear blog friends. Catch you soon. I still haven't watched the elimination episode of Bigg Boss. Wonder who got eliminated.?


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