Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Spring in full bloom - My rose garden!

Most women would love to receive a bouquet of roses from their loved ones. I am one of them. As a student in college I was lucky to receive roses from some good souls of the opposite sex. I saved it till the flowers got dry and withered away. The perfume lingered for so many days. I remember feeling sad to have finally had to throw them out. Even today, I can't stand to part with those beautiful flowers. I had a dream to one day have a rose garden of my own! Therefore I decided to only plant rose plants in my garden. The plants  are so low maintenance and give me so much satisfaction when they bloom to the fullest. The 3 colors I have in my garden are Red, Coral and and Lavender. We all know Red rose is associated with romance, love, beauty, courage and respect. Had to have this color. Coral happened to my garden by accident. I bought the plant from the store thinking that it was yellow (my fav. color). Only after I got the first bloom I realized that it was coral. What a lovely color! I can't imagine my garden without it. Coral stands for desire. Hm mm, all of us have desires correct? I had to have one unique colored rose in my garden so I can say "neighbors envy, owners pride". It has definitely served that purpose. Even passers by stop and look at these attention drawing flowers. They scream love at first sight, enchantment. This is just the beginning. I hope to add more colors to my rose garden. I am fortunate. Today, I still receive these beauties from my beloved husband. A big thanks to all those who have presented me roses so far in my life. If not for you, I would not be a proud owner of a beautiful rose garden!

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  1. Roses for a rose of a person, I guess!!!