Monday, May 02, 2011

Front Benchers Vs. Back Benchers

I know what you are thinking. I must have been a back bencher in class. No, I was not. I was a front bencher wanting to be a back bencher. The BB's made you feel like you missed out in life if you were not a BB. We passed chits to students next to us. That was fun. The little surprise message in the chit was always exciting.  I have heard a lot of BB stories. Some funny and some horrifying. I have seen BB's being punished too! At that time I did not think it was cool at all. But now that I have grown up, I think I have understood that it is part of growing up and somewhere I regret not having done those type of silly things. The same BB's today are doing very well for themselves. It was not that they did not study or wasted their time. It was about being part of a group that wanted to have a little bit of fun in the otherwise serious life of a student. Some plain, simple fun is not all bad as our elders make it out to be. In fact, I think it is healthy. It teaches you how to come out of a difficult situation that you are in with the teachers and your parents. They did get punished. Of course, looking at it from the teachers point of view would mean something else altogether.

Wonder what happens these days in schools and colleges. I can only imagine. Passing chits sounds so passe now. With the ever growing social network sites and cell phones it might be more serious. Like they say everything is moderation is good. In my opinion, so is a little "masti" as a BB.


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