Friday, May 06, 2011

Bollywood Music and Generation Gap

Time and again we hear “Old is Gold”.  In my opinion when it comes to Bollywood songs, neither are old songs gold nor does the gold glitter. I simply think when people say “Old is Gold” it reflects the generation that they belong to.  They are basically stuck in time. My Grandparents talked about K. L. Saigal & Samshad begum , my parents - Mohammed Rafi & Lata Mangeshkar,  My husband - (now that’s another story), my children – Mika and Hard Kaur.  “Old school “, like they say here in the US. I am not saying Old songs are bad. I think it is important to keep ourselves current and involved with what is happening today while we keep enjoying songs of our times.  I have heard older people criticize the newer songs.  Songs of today are equally good. The lyrics are fantastic and many of them have the capability of elevating your mood instantly. People accuse music directors of using computers to alter the voice quality of a singer or the tone of the instruments. So what? The end product is what counts.  A R Rahman is a great  example of that.  He has been widely criticized in India for the syncretic mix of modern and traditional Indian instruments. He went on to receive an Oscar award. Trying something new is a good thing for all of us in any field. Otherwise the world would be stagnant.  Every music director/singer wants their song to be a “hit” in the end.  So, Kudos to music directors like  Anu Malik and Pritam! Keep doing what you are doing. Like they say “Nakal so bhi Akal ki zarrorat hai”. And those  remixed, revitalized songs? Why not? I love them! Old wine in new bottle types.  If it makes you happy listen to it!

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