Friday, May 20, 2011

"High" on Alcohol?

Karan Johar’s movie: Kabhi Kushi Kabhie Gum
Dunkard’s take : Kabhi Wishkey Kabhie Rum.
I have never understood a drunkard. What does it mean to be ‘high’ on Alcohol? A friend explained it to me.  He says one tends to relax when you consume alcohol.  According to him it should be a mandatory "add-on" to a party. That’s when the people in the party “really” feel comfortable and open up. I can relate it to sharing a cup of coffee or tea with a group of friends. The stories that I have heard over a cup of coffee range from hilarious, sad, horrific to scandalous. I am sure most of the Hindi movie plots gave birth over a cup of coffee. Karan Johar has so rightly named his show Koffee with Karan. The question arises - Do you really need alcohol to chill? My friend and I who do not drink can talk about anything under the sun at any time if the group is known to us. I think for some people alcohol acts like a catalyst to bring out the ‘silliness’ in them. We have to agree, that the more a person is being different/silly, the more attention he/she attracts and it is enjoyable at times when the mood calls for it. It is that special ingredient in that alcoholic drink that causes this “high”. Enjoyable to some but dangerous to all. Let it not be an addiction. So my dear friends, next time you want to know someone’s deep, dark secrets invite the friend(???) for a cup of coffee instead of an alcoholic drink because drinking is dangerous to health! Coffee they say has lot of healthy benefits.


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