Monday, May 09, 2011

Shahrukh Khan - King of Bollywood

Anyone who knows me can tell you that I adore Shahrukh Khan (SRK). He has reached such heights now that people lovingly call him King Khan and rightly so. He has worked very hard to earn this tile. SRK is a self made man. I remember  first seeing him on TV (Doordarshan days) when I was in 12th grade. He was acting in a serial called “Fauji”.  Instantly fell in love with him. The perfect man that I had painted for me in my brains. His energy lit the screen every time he appeared. It was like magic. It lifted my spirits instantly. By the time he started acting in hindi movies, I was married to my real life SRK and was here in the US. DDLJ had become a super duper hit and SRK had become a hero. I did not even know about it. Those days I could not get easy access to bollywood movies. Baazigar was the first full fledged SRK movie I saw on VHS tape. Inspite of it being a bad copy of the movie I enjoyed it. I decided to watch Kuch Kuch Hota Hai on big screen. What a wise decision it was. I fell in love with SRK again! The dimpled darling had won my heart with his romantic “andaaz”, head full of silky hair and those beautiful brown eyes, the kind that you can look into and feel like you are lost. Every movie after that, this man has emoted so well that he had, has and will always remain my standard for romance. SRK Ishstyle! He is a great example of balancing family and professional life. Man with dignity. Got to love his witty interviews. Always comes out a winner! He shares his Birthday month with me. Maybe it has got to do with that. We Scorpios rule the world he.he.  SRK is also the perfect family man. Had the perfect fairy tale marriage. Today we see an aged (early no?) SRK (thanks to his puffing habit - yikes!). The fan following is increasing by the minute. I will always be an eternal SRK fan. So, catch you at the movies. anybody? (Interesting)!!!


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