Monday, February 25, 2013

Emotional haircuts

Hello friends! Had a lazy weekend. Attended a Tyagaraja festival on Sat. morning. It was a rainy and cold day on Sat. morning.  The drive was long and tiring through the foggy weather. Watched the movie Kaipoche that night. Went for the last show. Believe it or not the theater was full! My friend and I had to sit in the front rows. All the 3 newcomers were really good. Tailor made for their part. Good movie. Parts of the movie reminded me of Lagaan and that is because this movie also had cricket as the backdrop. The movie was shot in Ahmedabad and had a certain flavor to it that was so real! Loved the picturization. The rawness of the characters worked very well in the movie. Apparently Chetan Bhagat, the author of the book "The three mistakes of my life" on which the movie was based, said that the movie was far better than his book. Now that is a welcome compliment, coming from the otherwise arrogant Mr. Bhagat! I spent , Sunday, for the most part, doing house chores, while listening to some old Hindi songs. I came across this melodious song from the movie Bahu Begum. Enjoy! Your drive will definitely be more enjoyable.

Today, I went to get my hair layered. I came home and the good Hindu that I am, had a shampoo bath immediately. I was expecting something very spectacular, when I dried it. I thought I will look so different. Nothing like that happened. I looked the same old me, only with layered hair and $50.00 poorer. Really?  I had told some my friends that I was going to get a haircut today. I am now wondering what their reaction is going to be. Just to console myself and expecting that Shekar will say something nice, I showed the new hairstyle to him, and his reaction was, you look the same! That did it for me. I got so emotional, I started crying. It took me for ever to recover. What was so disturbing is that, this was not the first time that this had happened to me. I go through this every single time, I decide to have a haircut. I buy every single product that the hair dresser recommends, hoping that I will have gorgeous, frizz free, shiny hair, only to find out that my hair is so dry after every wash. I have come to the conclusion that, one has to be born with gorgeous hair. Lucky are those few people. The rest of them who sport silky hair in magazines and movies must be wearing wigs. I am still unhappy, but I will go to bed thinking that, the hair is growing to grow back slowly, very slowly in my case. I googled a cartoon for you. Shub Ratri.



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