Sunday, March 03, 2013

Made an attemprt alright!

Hello friends. I have been away for so long. Actually my Uncle and Aunt were visiting me from India. Kept me a little busy. Had a good weekend with them. It's fun to sit together and talk about old times and family. We always land up talking about different cousins and how we used to play together and how our children these days do not have that same opportunity today. I felt a little sad when they left. Will I meet them again? I guess staying in touch is upto me. Read about the demise of Sonu Nigam's Mom. I am sure his singing will be epitomical from now on.  Song of the day is from the movie Chalte Chalte. Nazeen looks beautiful here and the hero, I was told, is Dev Anand's brother.

Today is one of those days when my mind is not alert. I think all my energy was spent in entertaining my guests. I have spent an hour on this page already and I just cannot think of anything to write. So, instead of wasting my time, I think I will go to bed now for the much needed rest. I get points for making an attempt right? Shub Ratri folks.


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