Sunday, March 24, 2013

Pick me ups

Happy Monday folks! Had a very, very quiet weekend. Sanil was sick since Friday, with very high fever. Finally. took him to urgent care on Sunday morning. It turns out he has an ear infection. Poor child is on antibiotics now. I hope he recovers quickly. I hate when people get sick. The whole household is so quiet. All negative thoughts come to my mind. We managed to watch the movie 'Life of Pi". That movie was sad too. I  also watched the movie Rockstar. What a tear jerker that movie was. It was have been a good choice for a better day. I like Imtiaz Ali as a director. Good love stories from him so far. "Jab we met", "Love Aaj Kal" and "Rockstar".  Do you all think Sanjay Dutt deserved 5 years of jail? I know, he has already finished 18 months of it. Personally, I think the punishment is a little harsh. Over the last 20 years he has proved himself to be a good citizen. "Woh kehte hain na?  Subah ka bhula agar sham ko ghar aa jaye tou Bhula nahi Kahte". I am overall, feeling very low today.  I know that there are several "pick me ups'' when in a low mood. These are some of mine:

1. Music - Oh, I can listen to music this ALL day. Instantly, elevates my mood. However, today I was in the mood for only emotional, slow songs.
2. Dancing - Not only this makes me happy, it's a form o f exercise too! It's an over all help. However, I did not even try it today.
3. Coffee - Just the smell of coffee is enough to make me happy. I did drink 2 cups of coffee today, I felt good then.
4. Talk to a friend - This is always fun, to catch up and share information. I tried calling a friend today, but she was not available. :(
5. Giving someone a hug - The feeling of hugging someone dear to you is so therapeutic. I was giving hugs to all my family members today. Thank god for family, I felt reassured that there is someone who cares about me and I am not alone in this world. Sometimes, I get that feeling you know.
6. Smiling at a stranger - This is something I have noticed recently. It's extremely important to start a day with a smile. When the other person acknowledges by smiling back, it convinces you , that you are liked. (I have so many insecurities I tell you).
7. Cook something fun - Although I am not a great cook, it does help to kill some time when there is a low feeling. When someone enjoys the food I cooked, it makes me feel better.
8. Change of scene - Going for a walk outside always helps. Today, it was very cold here. I went grocery shopping for an hour and felt a tiny bit better, breathing some fresh air.
9. Chocolate - Eating some sugar elevates my mood. The sugar rush is what they call it. Sugar mixed with cocoa is heavenly.
10. Smelling a good scent - Believe it or not, I like smelling perfumes, lemon, ginger, paint, Gas, nail polish etc. It a wonderful feeling.

I tried most of these today, yet was not able to be my normal self. Tomorrow being a Monday is not a big help. The Song of the day is this song from the 1976 movie Fakira, that I listened to today. Wonder if Lataji thinks that she could have sung this better. Does she ever make mistakes? Feels like she sings so effortlessly. Ok folks, leaving you now. Shub Ratri.



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