Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Chand phir nikla

Happy Holi friends! I hope people in India enjoyed "dry" holi this year. Yeah, water conservation is a huge responsibility. Just to drill this point further, I have to share a hard hitting cartoon that I came across on Facebook today.

When I came home this evening after work, I had a voicemail on my machine from the dermatologist's office, reminding me of Rohit's appointment tomorrow. Now, they have this rule that we have call within 24 hrs to cancel this appt. if we cannot make it or else we have to pay the Co-pay anyway. This appt. had completely skipped my mind. I understand that time is money and the doctor has other patients in line. However, my complaint is that the doctor's office closes at 5 PM and we cannot leave messages for them as confirmation to cancel our appointment. How in the world am I supposed to communicate this to them? There is no email confirmation either. In today's day and age they are not computer savvy and they expect us to cancel the appt. one day earlier. I wish they were a little more flexible. I know, you are thinking, I could have put a reminder in  my phone. ZZZZZZ! Hello! the appt. was scheduled some 3 months ago. I have changed my phone since then. Really! Anyway, had a constructive day at work today and good news is that I purchased some well needed makeup today. Makeup makes me happy.:)

I wish I had a good camera and some photography skills. I saw the most beautiful moon this evening. It was the first full moon of this Spring season. Even with an ordinary camera and my shaky hands, I managed to take a good picture. Please see below for the pics. You can see the craters too. I took this pic from quiet a distance. The golden moon looked gorgeous. A song that I learnt as a kid comes to mind.

O, look at the moon,
She is shining up there;
O mother, she looks
Like a lamp in the air.

Last week she was smaller,
And shaped like a bow,
But now she's grown bigger,
And round like an O.

 This was a week ago when the moon was a waning Gibbous (clicked by me from our backyard)
 This was today. Gorgeous is the word! (clicked by me from our front yard)
Arre, a moonlight dinner would have been perfect today. Such a shame that we had to eat indoors at home. It's at times like these, I wish, I were single and had not responsibilities. I could then drop everything and do what I really wanted to do at any given time. There are so many "Chand" songs that I like. However for the sake of this post, the Song of the day is from the 1957 movie 'Paying Guest'. Enjoy and Shub Ratri.



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