Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Pajama days

Hello friends. The last of the winter storms for this year (hopefully) marched into Virginia today, dumping nearly three inches to 5 inches of snow. Meteorologists fore casted  much worse, around 12 inches of snow. Luckily, the snow did not stick to the ground that much and will melt soon as the temperatures for the next few days shows a rise. Phew! Normally, I don't enjoy snow days. But today was such a relaxing day. I worked from home. I could wake up a little later, and have my breakfast leisurely.  I don't eat anything for breakfast everyday, but today, I took the time to make Upma. Rohit and his friends spent time making snow mans that you see below.

For me, today was extra relaxing, because I could be in my comfortable Pajamas the whole day. In fact, I think, just like casual jeans Friday at work, they should have comfortable Pajama days every Wednesday.  That would be swell! Doesn't the name Pajama or Pyjama sound unusual to you? Ever wonder where it comes from? The name probably comes from an Indian word paejamah, which means "leg clothing" pae=leg and jamah=clothing. I read this today. Intriguing. Isn't it? It seems Pyjamas were introduced in England. So, why are Pajamas so comfortable?  I think it has got to do with the loose fitting and the soft texture. With Pajama parties being so popular in this part of the world, the Pajamas look so chic and trendy these days. It is fit to wear as outdoor outfits too! I had never heard of the concept of the Pajama party before. I like the idea very much. A bunch of teenage girlfriends spending the night together, giggling away. I wish I could have had such parties when I was growing up. Talking about this, one song comes to mind. Check it out! Did you guess correctly? Shub Ratri folks. Feels like A Sunday evening today. I am having the Monday blues.



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