Thursday, February 07, 2013


Vanakkam friends! Since Monday, my right eye has been twitching. In India, this is considered bad luck. I know, I should believe in all these blind faiths. But I can't help it. So, I have not been myself this week. Nothing bad has happened so far. I really hope it stays that way. I bring some good news folks. I have lost a pound in weight. I wish there was a shot or something that would remove the fat from arms. I am just not able to change the shape of my arms, however much I try. One of the many advantages of taking a dance class is, you get to listen to new energetic songs. Today, in my Zumba class, I heard 2 such songs. One is "Limbo" by Daddy Y Yankee and the other is "Girl is on fire" by Alicia Keys. Check it out here and here.  Today, for some reason I was humming this song Saagar Kinare dil ye pukaare. Oh boy! Dimple Kapadia is any man's dream!  Her lustrous hair, her hazel eyes, her perfect figure in that blue dress, katilana looks. So, no points for guessing my Song of the day is ....

Why don't they makes movies and music like this anymore. Oh, I miss my youth. So, bollywood these days is celebrating all the award shows. Somehow I have not kept abreast of this news this year. Watch out for Google tomorrow folks. On Friday, Google is celebrating late ghazal king Jagjit Singh's 72nd birthday with a doodle on its India homepage. Cannot wait to see what it looks like. ________________________________________________________________________
Folks, our mind has so many thoughts per day. All through the day and till we go to bed our mind is so active. It jumps from one topic to the other. Sometimes even when we sleep our subconscious is working overtime and we get dreams. It is believed by many that an average person gets 70,000 thoughts per day. Wow!
I often see pople at work, or at the mall or someplace that are so lost in thoughts, that they just look through you, even if you are right in front of them. There are days when my mind won't stop thinking. It's on those days that I cannot fall asleep and I keep looking at the time only to find that just 5 minutes have passed since I last checked the time. Sigh! Those are some bad nights. Thoughts are countless, innumerable. Thoughts change so fast. Hence, we have limited control over our thoughts. But we can decide which thoughts to entertain. Psychiatrists often say think of happy thoughts. This will make us stay positive. I know it is easier said than done. We can try at least. All right friends. Good night and happy thoughts!


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