Thursday, February 21, 2013

Aakhir kab tak?

Namaskar friends. Today is such a gloomy day. My prayers to the families impacted by the twin blasts in Hyderabad. A sincere suggestion to the handlers of those terrorists is that you can achieve nothing through violence and by killing innocent people. Same happenings, same stories on news channels, same bhaga daudi, same statements from authorities nothing has changed. Everyone is busy in projecting self, no lessons from past, no new strategy. When is this madness going to stop? Lets keep a minute of silence for those innocent people. It was hard to see the gruesome images in the newspapers.
Today, I am just going to post pictures of some beautiful flowers from my Mom's garden. Don't feel like writing anything else. Nature is so beautiful! I don't know the names of all the flowers. She has so many varieties. An excellent way of keeping oneself busy and happy is gardening. A great hobby to have. My parents spend a lot of time in their garden. My Mom says she even speaks to the plants and she feels they understand. Therapeutic to say the least!


 Mangana Bala (Monkey's Tail)

ShankaPushpa (Konch flower)
There are many more. I will post it some other day. It was not Rose season. Otherwise, my Mom has a gorgeous rose garden too! Shub ratri folks! Let peace prevail!

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  1. Beautiful flowers Maya! Your mom indeed has a green thumb! Lovely!