Thursday, February 14, 2013


Whats up blog friends? Most of you must have thought HVD is the name of some kind of disease, like HIV. I wrote this on Facebook today and got people confused. All it means is Happy Valentine's day. Got you! Hope you all had an exciting Valentines day. I had a good day. Shekar surprised me with a pair of much needed running shoes. Don't we all love surprises? I was shocked to read about the blade runner. I am not a 100% convinced that he had a motive to kill. Must have been an accident. Let's wait and see. I will think twice before I go on a cruise again. Another sad story of the people on board of that ship that got burnt.

Joke of the day: "John who? I don't know that person" - Bipasha Basu. LOL!
My perfect gift for V. day would have been a whole body massage. I was at the gorgeous Amsterdam airport sometime back and had a 4 hour! lay over. Beleive it or not the 4 hours flew by. This airport is a small world by itself. There is so much to do here. Apart from normal airport things like Restaurants, chocolates, bookstore etc., they had a theater, meditation room, Internet lounge (this was not free), Library,  and even a massage area. The seats in the Lounge were uniquely designed. Every seat had an inbuilt T.V. and the theater seats were like mini beds. I have never seen an open massage place with a full body pressure massage under water and get this! there was a fish tank in which you place  your feet and the fish eat the dead skin form your feet and give you, a pedicure. As grose as this sounds, its beneficial for both the fish and us. See pics. below.

 Branded purses and clothes. Whats new you say?
 Tulip Restaurant. So far so good. Right?
 Uniquely designed chair complete with a TV and head set. The TV is where the boy's head is resting.
 Contemporary sofa again with TV and headsets
 More unique sofas
 Comfy theater chair that is more like a mini bed. That's me resting during my 4 hour lay over.
 Meditation room
 Surprise! Tulip shaped lamp in the Tulip house selling Tulips
 More Tulips. I love these flowers. Reminds me of my fav. movie Silsila.
 THE body massage machine
 I would be afraid to go inside that machine. But there was a brave man in there.
 The fish pedicure (btw, not my feet)
The bread shop that gets you all confused. So many varieties.

Same goes for the cheese shop. Say cheese!

Sanil made a funny remark today. He said" Mom, I don't want to go to bed. When I asked him why, he said because if I go to bed, then I have to wake up, and when I wake up, I have to go to school. LOL! I had to agree with him. I feel the same way sometimes. But I also know that we all need 8 hours of sleep. So sent him to bed and now, I am going too! So enjoy this romantic Song of the day from the movie Jurm. Shub Ratri.


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  1. the poor fish who were stuck with YOUR feet he he