Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Creativity has no limits

Hello, my dear cyber friends. In case you were wondering where I was, I was suffering form a very bad headache. I could not tax my mind anymore than necessary, so stayed away from this space. I just recovered, enough to write a small paragraph. And to add to that these damn strong perfumes! I was in the elevator with this lady, who I could smell from the parking lot! I should have known not to get into the elevator with her. I love perfumes, but they have to be subtle. I am yet to find one that I absolutely love. Clinque happy comes close to being the perfect one for me. Yep, saw the boring Grammy awards. I guess enough has been said and written about J.Lo's leg (thigh) and Katy Perry's boobs. Hey, at least they made Grammy 2013 memorable.
Joke of the day: John Abraham's statement that he is a one man woman. Did he mean one woman at a time? he he or is he getting ready for his new movie release: I, Me aur Mein? He went on to say that he would marry a simple woman as simplicity is the beauty of any relation. Hmmmm.
Folks, I came across this Punjabi girl from Canada, who uploads vblogs on YouTube. She is so funny. Calls herself superwoman. She is so energetic and lively. Check her out here and here . Creativity has no limits. My friend Anu and I also have come up with yet another video. Find ht evideo on YouTube under the title, Modern Day Bapama.

Here we are dressed like old grandmas who are modern and enjoy life to the fullest. If you liked it, please leave a comment. Feedback of any sort is always welcome. Helps us decide if we should continue our work.
Alright folks, today's Song of the day is from the movie Barsaat. OMG! Raj Kapoor and Nargis had awesome chemistry! People used to say that I looked like Nargis during my younger days. I wish! Fine rendition by Lata didi. Enjoy! Till next time, Shub ratri.


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