Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Yellow Yellow Dirty Fellow

“Pyar karne waale pyar karthe hain Shaan se, jeethe hain shaan se marthe hai shaan se…” Happy Valentine’s day folks! Shekar surprised me with a Sony Vaio laptop, Red roses and Strawberry pound cake. See pics. below. 

Don’t you love the color of the laptop? Now I can be a regular at blogging. Shekar said he was tired of me complaining and screaming for computer time on a daily basis. He had to get me off his back. Hey, whatever works! Correct? Some sad news today. One of my close friends here lost her Dad. Now,I am reassured of wanting to visit my parents every year.

Everyone has a favorite color. Mine happens to be yellow. Right from childhood I liked so many favorite yellow things like sunshine, mangoes, bananas, sunflowers and yellow ribbons. The primary reason I like yellow is because, I feel elated and alive whenever I wear something yellow. I think itsuits my complexion too! I still remember this beautiful yellow salwaar kameez that I had while in college. It was sewed so beautifully with a patiala bottom and was made of china silk fabric which was in vogue back then. I wore it to a class party. That evening was very special to me as I received a ton of compliments and something magical happened. I will share that incident with all of you on another post. (stay tuned!). On my birthday,(November 22) last year, I was reading my daily horoscope and found that "topaz" was my birthstone. No wonder then that yellow is my favorite color. Someone once told me that every color has some meaning associated with it. So, I decided to google yellow color to know all about it and here is what I learnt:
        Yellow symbolizes enlightment, creativity, happiness, intellect, eloquence and the power of persuation. It also means wisdom, joy, optimism, energy, movement, travel and the promise of a positive future. Wow! if only all that was true about me too! Yellow is definitely a perky color. It is very much like the sun which gives energy, warmth, optimism, happiness and light. People who suffer from SAD or "seasonal affective disorder" or "winter blues" may get an extra lift if they wear something yellow or surround themselves with bright, yellow things. Yellow is considered as a good choice to advertise children's products or to attract people to your place. Just think of McDonald's and its big yellow arch. It is known that people who are blind to other colors can see yellow. Thus this color (in combination with balck) is used to paint those road signs and road barriers so we see them readily. Yellow also signifies clarity of message. Think of your yellow pad and yellow pencils. Then there is "yellow pages" in your telephone directory and the yellow color taxis and buses.While yellow has many positive meanings like, happiness, intellect, energy, and clarity of thought, it also has a negative connotation meaning sickness (as in jaundice) and cowardice. I  am willing to ignore that. :) Different countries have different interpretations of the color yellow. In Greece it symbolizes Sun, grain and the power of thought, In Japan and Philippines, yellow represents courage. In China, royalty and respect. Yellow is the color for mourning in Egypt while to merchants of India, yellow is the symbol for peace. No wonder then, that we in India, use a lot of yellow turmeric in our cusine. I like my curry yellow. How about you?


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